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The Nigerian Association in Lübeck eV was founded in 2003 to keep Nigerians together in a foreign country and to open the door to our culture for interested people.


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The Nigerian Association
in Lübeck registered association

The Nigerian Association in Lübeck eV is a registered charity based in Lübeck, Germany. It was founded on December 3rd, 2003 to bring Nigerians together in Lübeck and to promote and support our culture. On February 5, 2008, the association was finally registered as an association in the district court of Lübeck.

The current leaders of this association are Chiedu Uzonwanne, Amb. Godson Nwosu and Prince Francis Umeji. The Nigerian Association in Lübeck eV is affiliated with other organizations. We are a member of the Lübeck Forum for Integration, the Lübeck House of Cultures and the Alliance for One World in Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein.


Our goals

A peaceful coexistence in the cultural diversity of the Hanseatic city of Lübeck.

To maintain and promote Nigeria’s cultural heritage.

A forum for peace, love and harmony among the members.

Supporting the disadvantaged in Nigeria with medical care and humanitarian aid.

Maintaining good relations between members and the host country (Germany).

Our projects

Here you can see our future projects and plans. They include the provision of clean drinking water, the procurement of school supplies for children and the provision of medical supplies to hospitals.

Medical Articles

Hospitals in rural areas in particular need medical equipment such as hospital beds, defibrillators or operating tables. We want to ensure that reasonable medical care is possible.

school supplies for children

In order to create better conditions for the children and to give them the chance of a good education, we would like to renovate the schools. This includes providing basic school supplies such as books, computers, school buses and food.

Clean drinking water

Access to clean drinking water is a human right. Unfortunately, many people, especially the poorer population and children, do not have this. We want to build wells in rural areas to give everyone access to clean drinking water.

Let's save lives and help the helpless


Nigerian Association in Lübeck registered association

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