Information About Our Association

The Nigerian Association in Lübeck e.V., is a registered Non-Profit Organization (N.G.O) with its headquarters in Lübeck Germany. It was founded on December 3, 2003 to bring the Nigerians in Lübeck together in order promote and support our culture. On the 5th February, 2008, the Association was finally registered in the District Court of Lübeck as an Association. The goals of the association are as follows:

  1. A peaceful co-existence in cultural diversity of the Hanseatic city of Lübeck.
  2. To uphold and promote the cultural heritage of Nigeria.
  3. To help the less privileged in Nigeria through medical care and humanitarian Aid.
  4. To maintain good relations between the members and the host country (Germany).
  5. A forum for peace, love and harmony among the members.

The executives of this Association are Dr. Chiedu Uzonwanne, Amb. Godson Nwosu, and Prince. Francis Umeji among others. The Nigerian Association in Lübeck e.V are affiliated with other organizations. We are a member of the Forum for Integration Lübeck, House of Cultures Lübeck and the Bündnis eine Welt Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein Germany.

Our Projects:

  1. Since 2014, we have been intensively engaged in donation of Medical items to Nigeria. We have sent several 40 "feet containers of Medical Equipment, Beds, Clothes and Consumables to Specialist Hospitals in Nigeria. Helping the less privileged is our passion and drive. We rented Warehouses where we store our collected Medical items before shipment. This project is cumbersome and we face financial constraint at the moment We therefore appeal to all people of goodwill to render their financial and material support to enable us to continue this humanitarian services.
  2. We have a vision of building Ultra-modern Hospitals in six big Cities in Nigeria. These Hospitals when completed, will help to sustain lives of the Masses that die everyday due to lack of medical care from the Government.
  3. We launched during our Cultural Festival in 2011, a Mobile Clinic Truck project, we intend to provide these Mobile Clinic Trucks in the 36 States of Federal Republic of Nigeria to reach the rural areas and offer first Aid treatment. In all these projects, we are asking for your support to archive them.

Any financial or monetary donation we receive, a donation receipt for tax compensation at the Tax office will be issued.

Tel. Nos: +49 163 3150218, +49 176 24602608

Your Nigerian Association in Lübeck e.V.